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welcome to SexWit

SexWit was founded by Zoë Hancock BTh (philosophy), BSW, PGD & Masters Studies Sexology.

​Zoë is an experienced Clinical Sexologist, Psychosexual Therapist, Psychotherapist, Sex & Relationship Therapist, & the founder & principal practitioner of SexWit with areas of expertise spanning 25 years. She is a registered member of AASW & SAS - Society of Australian Sexologists (& member of affiliated associations). 

Are you seeking guidance in your sex life or relationships, grappling with sexual difficulties, mental health concerns or dating experiences? Do you wish to find or enhance trust, connection, communication, eroticism, vitality, or greater life purpose? Zoë offers years of wisdom, knowledge, & useful tools to help enrich or perhaps even transform your life, within a safe, sex-positive & empathic space. 

SexWit offers Australia-wide & International Telehealth, phone, as well as in-person consultations in Yarraville, Naarm, Melbourne, Australia

we also offer a free initial 10-15 minute consultation (please enquire via our schedule a session section at the bottom of this page or call us @ 

0891 269 400)

we support folks from all culturally diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQA+ allied & NDIS

​SexWit developed out of Zoës long held desire to offer a safe, specialist space where sexual diversity, sex,  relationship & mental health concerns can be supported. 

Zoë uses an integrative psychosexual psychodynamic therapeutic approach (see about us for detail), incorporating the light (conscious self) & shadow (unconscious self) sides or parts of ourselves. Understanding our conscious & unconscious self enables a strong basis for deeper exploration of who we are, or perhaps who we want to be & how we may wish to grow, deal or transform.

In a broad sense, the confluence of sex, sexuality, relationships, diversity, human connection, pleasure, self care & communication within  psychological, sexological, biological, physiological, social, cultural,  environmental & spiritual boundaries is examined. 

In terms of therapy, this means it may take a brief or protracted period of time depending on identified specific needs & the type of treatment or support required.

At SexWit, we integrate years of Sexological & Psychotherapeutic  expertise, supporting sex & relationship concerns & conundrums in the one place. 

SexWit is closely linked with other professionals providing referrals where needed. We work closely with our preferred Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist (for all chronic pelvic pain/sexual dysfunction concerns, eg vulvodynia, vaginismus & dyspareunia, gender & body dysmorphic issues, erectile dysfunction & performance issues), & our preferred Forensic Psychologist (for all offending sex crime presentations)

Zoe has been a guest Sexologist & Psychotherapist on various public radio & TV programs discussing a bunch of fascinating sexual & relationship topics, on ABC Radio, Channel Nine Australia, MAINfm Castlemaine, & has provided psychosexual education including consent & safe sex practice to Melbourne University students.

In the distant past Zoë worked in the private, public, & not-for profit sectors as psychotherapist, clinical social worker, clinical mental health practitioner, & various positions spanning medical & emergency first response services, legal & victims advocacy services & health advisory roles. She has worked with diverse populations, in complex contexts & environments (see 'about us' for more information).

Please see the services section for a list of issues & concerns that we typically treat 

Do get in touch if you have a particular concern or you're unsure if we can help 

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"I was recommended Zoe from a friend who seems to know every therapist in Australia, and Zoe is the one she said that I needed to go and see.
Even over zoom Zoe created a safe and warm space for my gf and I to talk about the issues that were somehow not gelling. I cannot exaggerate enough how incredible Zoe was for helping us both feel heard, both feel seen, and how she facilitated ways that contributed to us understanding each other. I guess that's what its all about when you do this stuff: finding ways to feel seen and heard and understood, and for your partner to also feel seen and heard and understood.
I have already recommended Zoe to my friends because she is just so damn good (even some friends that aren't even in a crisis, just some whom I think would benefit from having a chat). I dont think you can regret taking the plunge and sending her an email or message now if you feel like you need a bit of guidance in your relationship. Thank you Zoe"

          Taras - Google Review

"I have attended therapy for many years and am normally quite averse to online therapy, however I was recommended by multiple people that Zoe is worth it – they couldn’t be more right.
I saw Zoe individually and with my partner when we were going through a rough patch and I felt like she understood us SO well and brought us out of our dark patch within just a few sessions. We were itching to see her weekly.
Through the screen, she was able to hold the space so incredibly well, manage arguments, be honest, hold us accountable, whilst all doing so with so much warmth, grace and tact. I can imagine how helpful she’d be to anyone (not just relationship issues) and I couldn’t recommend a therapist more!"

       Dana - Google Review

"I came across Zoë online; on one of the darkest days of my life. I felt so lost and so alone like I was in a deep hole and I wouldn’t be able to get out. I called Zoë and talking to her briefly was so comforting to me. She has such a kind and understanding manner. In those few minutes I felt like I wasn’t alone and that she could help me. We booked in a one on one session and even booking that in gave me some hope. I had a couple of one on one zoom sessions and I felt I could really open up to her & I felt reassured of her kind nature and the caring way she listened and didn’t push me. Everything felt easy to talk about.

Eventually Zoë had a session with my husband and he enjoyed his session. He had another one on one and then we started out couples sessions.

These sessions were really amazing and we were able to really listen to each other and turn back to each other and reconnect. Things in our marriage have never been better. We still use to the tools that Zoë taught us, we feel more connected and happier than ever.

Zoë’s warm energy flowed through even though it was all online. Both my husband and I both felt really saddened to say good bye to Zoë" (online during COVID lockdown restrictions)


"We are 20 years married. We argued about sex, about frequency, needs and bedroom activities. 

We had the same argument for 20 years and we noticed , the anger leeching into other parts of our communication.

We had become disconnected, and drifted into separate lives. 

We tried podcasts, YouTube, books to seek help. We even tried other therapists. 

we wanted to try and fix our relationship or at least attempt to fix ourselves before leaving the relationship and starting the other.

We found Zoe . 

Zoe listens, reflects and provides simple strategies to follow. It’s important after years of arguments to have a 3rd party analyse the source and provide non judgmental feedback about your relationship. 

Yes there is a cost but we both looked as an investment...what would we pay to have our partner look at us again like they did on that first date"


"Good Morning Zoë

Thanks again for our sesh yesterday, your words & the way you pose questions really gives me clarity..."


"We feel like we have learned a lot around how to navigate our relationship through our sessions with you.  You've changed our perspectives on so many things and helped us focus on our relationship.  We're planning to keep utilising the tools you've given us and if needed we'll check back in with you after Xmas.

 Thank you so much for your help and support.  You have helped me (and us) through a really challenging time"


“I have had the best therapy sessions I’ve ever had with Zoë.  I felt GOOD afterwards, which I have never felt before. Zoë’s energy is uplifting. 

I am so happy to have found SexWit & Zoë and to continue on.  It’s very exciting when you find a good connection, & I’ve seen many therapists over the years.  As well, I now realise I have really needed to address these issues of sex & relationships, all these years. This is definitely the main issue I’ve needed to dive into.  Feels really good, and really right”​​


“I had seen psychologists for some time without much help or progress, then I found Zoë @ SexWit on facebook. 

Zoë understood the internal struggles that I had been dealing with from the very first appointment.  

I can also honestly say that Zoë has been the only therapist to help me to fully identify & work through these struggles.  She also helped me to work through an emotionally abusive relationship (with ex-husband) that had crushed me over many, many, years.  I am now taking my power back & can accept compliments and genuine love from others, rather than feeling I have to be the one to always give to others.  

I have also been able to discover & accept my own sense of eroticism & desire, & the lovers I have since enjoyed would definitely agree!

Thankyou, dear Zoë, for helping me find myself”


Thanks so much Zoë, not just for your guidance today but for the last 3 years. I know I have grown so much since then and the clarity I receive from your sessions is invaluable... 


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“do I think that living

with confidence & joy

& respecting everyone’s

sexual autonomy

could play a role

in preventing cancer,

solving the climate crisis,

or building world peace?

yes, actually…”

- Emily Nagoski

photo © Zoë Hancock

vulva on the rocks 
kennett river

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individual therapy

50 minutes          $180  standard session  
120 minutes        $360 extended session
NDIS 60minutes  $195 standard session/administration

individual therapy is for anyone who would like therapeutic support.  this may mean a one-off session or longer-term support where in-depth discovery & change can be made. 

your needs will be discussed in our initial contact, & guidance is provided regarding the number of sessions you may need.  this may be reviewed as needed.  

you may be seek counselling to shift pain & difficulties, or gain further understanding of how to have more sexual pleasure, or experience more fulfilling relationships or a better life.

there may be a combination of experiences, events or emotions that keep you in a place of feeling stuck or unhappy with your life.

SexWit will assist you to understand  whats happening for you & how to gain mastery of the situation & your life.

therapy is provided face to face, via telehealth (encrypted platforms only), phone or walk therapy in the park. 

your preference can be discussed during our initial contact & may be changed as needed.

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couples/diverse partnership & relationship therapy

80 minutes     $220  standard session 
120 minutes   $380  extended session

includes all identifying, polycule, anarchist, nesting 

couples therapy is recommended for any couple, sex partnership, nesting or anarchist identifying experiencing difficulties or seeking deeper understanding & mastery.  Therapy offers an expert, safe space to explore issues that may be hard to otherwise talk about together. 

Zoe is trained in The Gottman method, & employs it in couples therapy & treatment.  The Gottman method is a world renowned evidence based approach grounded in over 40 years of longitudinal research specifically designed to understand & improve our intimate relationships.  For more information, check this link -

Zoe also draws heavily upon the sheer brilliance of world-renowned Belgium-born Psychotherapist, relationship & Sex Therapist, Esther Perel, & other experts such as Betty Dodson, Emily Nagoski, Jack Morin, Barry & Emily McCarthy, Douglas Braun-Harvey, to mention a few.  

therapy is provided face to face, via telehealth (encrypted platforms), phone or walk therapy in the park. 

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clinical supervision
secondary consultation
professional development

individual   50 minutes     $180

                 120 minutes     $360

group supervision - tailored to organisational needs

workplace professional development & presentations - costing on application


clinical supervision or secondary consultation is provided to professionals who require guidance outside of their usual practice, work place or organisational line-management supports.

the benefits of having support outside of the usual work space can be many, including offering full autonomy & a safe space to discuss difficult or complex presentations or other work place concerns.  

you may also be dealing with difficult work practice circumstances or client presentations whereby your work place is not equipped with a sexologist or relationship therapist. 

most workplaces do not employ sexologists, sex therapists or relationship therapists on staff, yet many professionals deal with complex issues pertaining to sex, sexuality & relationships on a daily basis!

group supervision can be organised to suit specific workplace wants & needs.


presentations & workshops

Zoë provides sex education to university, high school students, young people & organisations including topics such as enthusiastic & affirmative consent, sexual assault/abuse,  harassment, grooming, sexual coercion, stealthing, sexual pleasure, relationships, communication skills & embodiment.  

all presentation & workshop needs are designed to organisational needs. Zoë works in close collaboration with you to ensure you receive the most up to date & appropriate psychosexual education. 

Zoë has recently provided sex education to Melbourne University students. testimonials & referees can be provided upon request.

do get in touch if you need to discuss  professional practice needs. SexWit can provide tailored expert guidance & care.

consultations are provided face to face, via telehealth (encrypted platforms only), phone or walk therapy in the park. 

your preference can be discussed during our initial contact & may be changed as needed.

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dating coaching & mentoring

individual 50 minutes $180

dating is supposed to be fun, right? just when you thought there was an end in sight, it's really just the beginning. 

dating is the space where we begin to develop certain rituals with & around our new love. these rituals signify new beginnings & explorations together. these might look like planning adventures, travel or other activities that you are both interested in & want to explore together.   doing this without placing pressure or expectation on someone else is a bit of a skill.  to be self-confident & not feel like you're losing yourself is also something to be mastered - especially while you're in the dating space - because in this space you're setting out the blue print for your relationship.  its important you feel confident & sure of yourself.  & hell yes, there's few things as sexy as confidence!   

dating can also be tedious & feel crushing at times. navigating dating culture & having experiences such as ghosting, constant rejection, disappointment, or simply not meeting the right people, can trigger old fears, patterns & responses, creating self-doubt & feeling like you're just not worthy. 

with today's quick & dirty lifestyle choices of instant access & immediate gratification, the nuanced & often tricky language of sex, dating & relationships often gets lost in translation. its no wonder dating can cause stress & feelings of low worth.  

enter SexWit!
we provide dating coaching & mentoring to assist you with stuff like self-confidence, boundaries - what you will & will not accept, expectations, cyber-safety, safe dating practice, safe sex ed, as well as many other areas of the baffling dating arena. 

SexWit works with you to develop a clear sense of what you want & need, & how you can best approach dating culture so you feel safe, confident & in full control. we want you to shine!

sessions are provided face to face, via telehealth (encrypted platforms only), phone or walk therapy in the park. 

your preference can be discussed during our initial contact & may be changed as needed.

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"until you make

the unconscious

it will direct your life

& you will call it


- C.G. Jung

photo © Zoë Hancock

David Byrne -

fully conscious with his beloved guitar

2018 american utopia tour

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schedule a session

Please note - as of 30/4/24 books are currently closed & we are not able to take new clients/referrals.

Please check back in time for updates. We do not hold a waitlist. Email will not be responded to during this time. Thankyou for your understanding.

appointments in person, telehealth (encrypted platform), or by phone. walk & talk therapy is also provided by request 

we provide a free 10 minute consultation to briefly clarify your needs & assess if we are the right fit for each other  

yarraville naarm melbourne 3013
victoria australia
australia wide & international appointments provided

phone us @ 0891 269 400

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acknowledgement of country

SexWit acknowledges & pays respect to all First Nations peoples, Ancestors & Elders past, present & emerging of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung & Bunurong peoples - the country we work, play & live upon.   

SexWit recognises & respects their unique cultural heritage, identities, beliefs & continuing connection to country, waters, kin & community.  

We acknowledge sovereignty was never ceded.

inclusive practice

SexWit is an inclusive practice fully committed to equity, equality & social justice.  We value people of all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, & capabilities. 

We provide services that are welcoming, sex-positive & culturally appropriate. 

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